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However, the book also invites consideration that the role of fate is not so strong as the townspeople come to believe.

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For example, "the twins declared at the end of the trial that they would have done it again a thousand times over the same reason pg. This could be why he welcomed the Vicario brothers and forgave them in the name of God after the murder.

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The natural human tendency to "talk behind someone's back" thus becomes responsible, in part, for a killing. He choses not to intervene and stop the two brothers, even though he was aware of the entire plan.

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The ritual of writing brings her happiness. Like a "big fish" story, the tale of Santiago's death has undergone a gradual transformation in the town's memory up until the time, twenty-seven years after, when the narrator records it. Fate vs. To put it bluntly, the community is inherently… Violence, Trauma, and Community Violence, of course, is a persistent theme throughout this crime story. Santiago Nasar is obviously a victim as well; he is killed for taking Angela's virginity, an act that he likely did not commit. First, the killing itself is committed in order to gain back the honor that Angela Vicario lost when Santiago Nasar supposedly took her virginity. In the novel Santiago Nasar is seen as a figure with characteristics similar to Jesus. One man's machismo commits another man's-Bayardo's refusal to accept Angela leads the Vicarios to kill Santiago without trial or evidence. Shared Guilt Just as Marquez gives all of his characters a measure of innocence in Santiago's death, so too he gives them a measure of guilt for the murder. Honor In the culture of the Colombian town in which the narrative takes place, honor is taken very seriously. An emerging theme in the novel is the theme of religion and specifically the Catholic religion.

In the novel, he portrays the mayor as being more interested in a domino game than in preventing a murder that is about to happen in their town. Themes Ritual Manifestations of love in Chronicle of a Death Foretold are ritualistic, and the novel itself is a ritual which re-enacts Santiago Nasar's death.

Another example of the cathartic effect of routine and ritual in human live is the habit of writing to Bayardo that Angela develops.

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Honor is an extremely large part of the Colombian society and Marques depicts its severity of all through out the novel. His courtship of Angela demonstrates the rituals of Latin American marriage culture.

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Their courting consists of symbolic gestures, such as when Bayardo buys things for Angela or when she sends him letters that he never opens. The defense of this ideal is directly responsible for Santiago Nasar's murder. Another similarity of the two is that they both wore white at the day of their death. In the novel it is ironic how all the townspeople are very respectful towards religion and that it plays a big role in their lives. There several instances when the novel emphasize on male pride and the sexual behavior of the male characters. His courtship of Angela demonstrates the rituals of Latin American marriage culture. The novel's style is itself a ritual repetition of the events surrounding a crime. Another interpretation of the symbolism behind the number three and religion is that the devil tempted Jesus three times. Most of her qualities, mainly the fact that she had pre-marital sex, show that she was the opposite. They all share a part in Santiago's murder-whether because they endorse the sense of "honor" that insisted upon a death or because they actually neglected to warn Santiago of the danger he was in. He brings her a gift of a music box inlaid with mother-of-pearl for her birthday, and obtains everything his future bride asks for. According to the society portrayed in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Angela has an obligation to stay a virgin and marry to as high a station as she can even though she doesn't love the man she marries ; if she hadn't had premarital sex, she would have married a very wealthy man.
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