The 1997 world youth day in france essay

Forgiven and reconciled, be faithful to your Baptism! How do I pack?

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Both international and domestic World Youth Day celebrations are important for three reasons: first, celebrating and putting trust in the young; second, making pilgrimage; and third, encountering the Catholic community.

The 12th World Youth Day saw the gathering, far beyond all expectation, of young people from about countries across the world.

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Yes, young friends, the Son of God became man for you, for each one of you! Our worldwide gathering now takes on its fullest meaning, through the celebration of Mass. The faith of the Church is founded on Jesus Christ, the only savior of the world: yesterday, today and forever.

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This unity is a sign of richness and vitality. For the Cross is a genuine sign of the presence of the Son of God; by this sign he is revealed as the Redeemer of the world.

Everyone is called to share in God's life, thanks to the death and resurrection of Christ. Aboutpeople took part in the evening vigil at Longchamp.

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History of World Youth Day