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Also requires more employees. This is below the level IATA believes is necessary for airlines to reduce their debt, build reserves and sustain investment levels.

Looking at the developments in the aviation industry till recent, it would be safe to say that Southwest enjoys the most secure competitive edge than any other carrier.

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Moreover, it would allow the company to expand its presence in slot-controlled markets where the company currently has little New York LaGuardia or no Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport service; expand its service in other key domestic markets, including Boston and Baltimore and to add destinations to its route system; and provide access to near-international leisure markets in the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as smaller cities.

Assess the US Airline industry in early s Airlines' profitability is closely tied to economic growth and trade. How is southwest positioned within the industry?

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With its punctual flight record, pleasantly approachable staff, impressive Customer service, despite the fact that it offers no-frills, there is still a high degree of customer satisfaction that continuously builds customer loyalty for the company.

The acquisition provides Southwest Airlines an opportunity to grow its presence in key markets it didn't yet served.

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Southwest Airlines Case Study