Internet cafe research paper

S1the internet was not created with a business mentality but as the years went by it began and continues to be moulded into a continuous path where consumers grasp the aptitude to which they could discover incessant possibilities online such as the access to music History 5.

I have not yet taken any statistics courses as part of my program It is being integrated to almost most of our daily activities. Internet Cafe is the answer to an increasing demand A corrupt government or other leaders in power can try to use Censorship to stop an opinion from being heard.

Now-a-days, an access to the internet has become easier than ever, whether we are using a computer, phone or tablets.

internet cafe business thesis

Individuals and businesses should recognize each new cyber attack and make themselves aware of the consequences each attack can create Provide good coffee and bakery items at a reasonable and fair price.

Mission Due to the increment of popularity of the Internet which is continually growing at an exponential rate, easy and low cost entryis rapidly becoming an essential of life.

Since then, technology has progressed and people have become extremely reliable on. Initial cost includes:. Not only this, costs will be arranged for the buying of the equipment of coffee making.

Based on the statistics given, it is calculated that 5, music files for a particular song would have been downloaded from the internet in this city alone, and each file for a song costs almost a dollar JavaNet is the answer to an increasing demand.

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Research on business plan of internet cafe