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Porcius Cato arrested merely for voicing his opposition to Caesar's hare-brained schemes. Caesar probably would have been a bad king because other rulers would oppose his position as king and be immediately killed. Brutus is like Robert E.

His campaign in Gaul where he mercilessly slaughtered and enslaved perhaps a million or more tax-paying trading partners of Rome finally led to the threat of prosecution for his illegal crossing into German territory. The most important change, however, was his reform of the calendar.

Thus, he instituted a massive mobilization.

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Brutus killed his friend and so ended up in the doing of evil in the hope that good will result. He was a womanizer and a strict military leader. Yet, it should be noted that while Rome seemed to be travelling in a democratic direction, only citizens patrician and plebeian could hold any political power.

I suspect that Lee—like Brutus—also knew that he almost surely could not win, maybe should not win, and sabotaged his own cause. For the sake of the city, he made a gruesome choice of assassinating his friend.

Or so Shakespeare says in his play Julius Caesar. Why has history persistently ignored or failed to recognise the role of women? Related Posts.

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He spent his time creating games such as lavish gladiator games and other forms of entertainment to keep the people happy, and he expanded the Roman Empire by nearly a third of its original size.

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Should Caesar Have Been Killed?