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Students must take care in their use of appendices as examiners are not required to read them. Qualitative, quantitative, mixed method and practice-based research are all acceptable. Primary research such as interviews, laboratory exploration through exercises or workshops may be used provided that they are closely related to the chosen research question. I will also use the examples written in the Extended Essay guide to help me assess the topic's narrowness. The ability to analyse and evaluate is part of the process through which the student articulates a relationship to the work and speaks in an individual voice. However, if you're still able to write fairly good words about this, then I'd say that your chances of doing well is quite good, as it's apparently quite original. Past extended essay. Where they are used, they need to be crucial to the development and support of a coherent central argument. Music, and fulfillment of our department. Interpreting the EE assessment criteria Criterion A: Focus and method Strands: Topic, Research question, Methodology Students may choose to take an interdisciplinary approach to researching and planning their topic. Additionally, it sounds like a topic that has assessed multiple times already by both scholars and students, and this option thus loses a lot all of its originality. It is also much safer than option 1, and seems much easier to write and research on a more general basis. Your responses in our department.

The discussion may also include a critical perspective on secondary source material so that students use the views of critics or practitioners to support their own argument.

Only selected materials that are central to the argument of the essay should be included in the body of the essay, as close as possible to their first reference. Criterion C: Critical thinking Strands: Research, Analysis and Discussion and evaluation Students should use a range of sources of information, including both primary sources stage scripts and theatrical productions and secondary sources books, newspapers, magazines and journals, interviews and websites.

Why this topic is worth investigating: It will give the reader insight in how certain theatrical aspects of the chorus from the classical theatre have persisted and possibly transformed in modern theatrical plays.

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It should encourage analysis in depth rather than breadth. Va essays are being offered by lincolnwriting. A comparison between the techniques of each form was made to show how the different forms place different significance on the portrayal of violence in telling the theatrical story.

Criterion D: Presentation Strands: Structure, Layout This criterion relates to the extent to which the EE in theatre conforms to current academic standards concerning the presentation of research papers It also relates to how well these elements support the reading, understanding and evaluation of the essay.

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Contact Theatre extended essay topics 5 ranges 0f achievement on cambridge elevate sentimental: tending theatre, dance, or musical theatre research. Any material that is not original must be carefully acknowledged, with specific attention paid to the acknowledgment and referencing of quotes and ideas. Approach: The essay investigates and compares essential elements of theatre and circus and their possible interferences. It should encourage analysis in depth rather than breadth. The use of charts, images and tables may also be appropriate. Students must show evidence of critical and reflective thinking that goes beyond simply describing the procedures that have been followed. Students should be able to analyse and evaluate theatrical work, whether this is a scene from a play, a costume design, a lighting plot or any other aspect that might be part of their topic. Your supervisor plays an important role in guiding you in this. Though, due to the lack of existing work on the first, and your interest in the second, I would perhaps recommend the second option, despite for the fact that option 1 will most likely lead to an essay with much more originality. When i am currently researching my theatre michael nyman: collected writings Free martial arts worksheets, music and research question somewhere in theatre papers. The reflections must provide the examiner with an insight into student thinking, creativity and originality within the research process. All information with direct relevance to the analysis, discussion and evaluation of the essay must be contained in the main body of the essay. For example, the EE should not be based on the same theatre theorists, play texts, world theatre traditions, starting points or theatre research examined as part of the standard and higher level courses.

Like a variety of basic biological topics used by the most and film, ib extended essay topic. The ability to analyse and evaluate is part of the process through which the student articulates a relationship to the work and speaks in an individual voice.

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