Direct action day and pakistan

The violence unleashed on that day set in train a series of events that made the Partition of India unavoidable. Therefore, they were not interested in reviving old wounds.

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From first incursion after Independence in Kashmir till Kargil, we started the hostilities. While dadas by and large reflected the religious composition of their neighborhood for instance in a Hindu neighborhood, you had Hindu dadas, and in a Muslim neighborhood Muslim dadasthe underworld was generally more mixed: Hindu and Muslim gangsters and pimps are known to have operated largely across religious barriers.

On the other hand, it is conspicuously absent from the official memory of Bengal, particularly on the West Bengal side, but also, in a more surprising way, on the Bangladeshi side.

Read more on the riots. We publish them here to provide a sense, macabre and hair-raising as it might be, of the scale of the violence that wracked Calcutta in August The two-nation theory was cast in stone and jettisoning the Jinnah vision, an exclusive, inflexible, intolerant ideology was espoused by a nascent Pakistani security establishment.

Though women and children figure among the victims, they were not as prominently represented as it was the case in the Punjab massacres a year later, however, and most of the Great Killing victims were adult males. Over the last 64 years, both nations have moved on different trajectories and evolved into two very different entities.

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But the Central Intelligence Officer and a reporter, who Frederick Burrows believed was reliable, deputed by the military authorities agree on one statement not reported at all by the Calcutta Police. To him, the Great Killing is a spectacular instance of the spread of elite communalism to the masses.

Its value lies not merely in its being a first-hand testimony of what happened on Direct Action Day. In the elections, both at the national and at the provincial level, Congress had won most of the seats in the Hindu majority areas and the Muslim League in the Muslim majority areas.

Although the commission interrogated many witnesses, its conclusions were never published.

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The Calcutta Riots of