Comparison of poems about london by william wordsworth and william blake essay

The speaker tells you of the "infant's cry of fear" which makes you believe that something is wrong in the city, as this is not meant to happen. This makes this line stand out, as it is the main theme of the poem. This is another way of reaching out to the reader asking them to help London. Blake addresses a universal audience in a prophetic voice, taking the role of the poet upon himself often using a mystical tone. He may have seen this side because he was born and bred in the beautiful countryside in the North of England The sestet in this poem is cdcdcd and therefore a cross rhyme. This repletion is also used for another purpose. In , a year after he published his first collection of poems, Blake set up an engraving business, prior to this he was an apprentice engraver making plates where pictures for books were printed They are both very effective and create vivid images in the reader's mind. It should awake everyone, who reads his poem, to think about and recognize this desperate situation and to start helping where it is needed. To emphasize this further this, the speaker says "every man" and "every infant".

Maybe with the words mighty heart he is suggesting that London is the heart of Britain and that he is amazed that something so vital could be stationary. The first poem to be commented upon is 'London' by William Blake, written a couple of decades before the second poem written by William Wordsworth.

This rhetorical device liquifises the reading of the poem, because it rather feels like prose than poetry.

william wordsworth and william blake compare and contrast

He may euphemize it by giving just an overview. He had no early education, but became student, studying art, at the Royal academy school in the early s I will discuss their similarities and differences not in only just their writing, but also their everyday lives.

I think it was quite brave of him to do this because of the ways people who wanted change for the common people often got into trouble or were killed by the government and church so as not to start rebellions.

Comparison of poems about london by william wordsworth and william blake essay

Whereas in the first eight lines the beautiful moment is described in detail, the second part deals much more with telling the reader the feelings the poet had in this moment.

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A Comparison of London by William Blake, and Composed Upon