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Special Thanks To I've heard Steve Ray say that he has a personal library of 20, books a library with a kitchen, he says and that of them are on John's Gospel. Gregory the Great, "is a stream in which the elephant may swim and the lamb may wade" Perhaps no biblical book illustrates that paradox more beautifully than St.

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He has pastored several churches in Texas. In one rather compact volume he has assembled the insights of biblical scholars and historians, Fathers of the Church and Doctors of the Church, papal documents and the Catechism.

Remember to check the Chapter Comments for Dr.

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Malachi e-Sword Version Many attempts have been made over the years to create modules from Dr. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much this study has deepened my understanding of our dear Savior, and of the beautiful church He started. This book is one of a kind. John's marvelous and deeply spiritual Gospel. Minor errors were corrected in the New Testament. Yet the Church has for centuries pondered some mysteries in this Gospel without ever plumbing their full depths: "The Word became flesh" All rights reserved. I can't thank you enough. The seminarians love your book. God's will is for disciples, not decisions only! Currently Bob conducts revivals and Bible conferences both in the United States and abroad.

Bob Utley and include a reference to freebiblecommentary. Some truths in its pages any child can readily grasp: "I am the Good Shepherd" This book can serve as a basic Bible study guide for working through the Gospel of John, helping the student plumb the depths of St.

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Thank you for the wonderful journey through St. The Bibliography in this book is huge and so I believe him. Utley's statement of faith explains his theological perspective. I attended every session that was taught. John's marvelous and deeply spiritual Gospel. I was immediately "hooked," and resolved to tell you upon finishing it what an amazing book you had written! It is profound, yet easily within the grasp of every earnest Christian.

I read it faithfully six days a week for well over an hour, and a few minutes ago, --on November 22nd!

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St. John's Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary for Individuals and Groups by Stephen K. Ray