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Are you adding embellishments, like a belly band or wrap? Our cutting edge invitation paper designs will make your DIY wedding invitations, birthday party invites or any other date-savers stand out and impress your guests.

Home printers tend to be a shade or two darker, while cost-effective web or local printers are usually a bit lighter.

what type of paper is used for invitations

Linen and felt weave papers can also give the design more visual interest and texture. Buffalo Board Buffalo Board is a thick, natural, kraft card - perfect for calligraphy, letterpress and digital and offset printing. She suggests glue dots or double-stick tape instead of glue—and she uses the same to seal envelopes too!

Select up to three complementary colours from your wedding palette to make your invite stand out from the crowd. Plus its unique two-ply design gives it outstanding strength and durability.

Envelope liners are also a great way to dress up your invitations, whether you use metallic paper or a patterned option. Order yours now to see all the wonderful paper textures that are available. Others are using social networks to spread the word about their wedding, and provide links to their wedding website.

Samples and swatches don't cost a lot, but they're a great way to help you decide between papers or cards for your special event.

The extra will be trimmed off and discarded. Browse our extensive list of paper products online and find the right invitation paper and DIY paper supplies for your needs!

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