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It can lead to other work being neglected, and Broyard was said to be still working on a novel when Aroused By Books was published in Another Broyard piece, "Ha: Ha:," looked at the role of laughter in society, and it said things that still apply today.

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As Freud put it, the child grows up only to discover that he will always be but a child to mother Nature. My book was reviewed in the African American general interest magazine Emerge, and featured in an African American book expo. Broyard was born black and became white, and his story is compounded of equal parts pragmatism and principle.

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The narrator, for his part, wonders what has happened to change the man he once knew into the one he sees before him: "I ran my eyes over his pearl-gray suit with its broad lapels and tried to picture him seven or eight years before: the fine, tough, tight laugh he had, the restless originality which showed in his clowning Assuming that this is true, I think it would be useful to determine who's who. Upon his discharge from the military, he opened a bookstore in New York City's Greenwich Village, ensconced himself in the literary landscape and eventually became a copywriter at an advertising firm. I have had my ancestral admixture tested four times over the past 15 years — twice at my own request during the writing of my book, and twice by Henry Louis Gates, in connection to his PBS show African American Lives now called Finding Your Roots — and each time the results have been different. Unlike an older generation of intellectuals in New York he didn't appear to be involved with formal politics, or even all that much interested in the subject. We looked white and grew up white. It's significant that Brossard's novel includes a major scene in which Porter and others visit a dance-hall which features authentic mambo music. An arbiter of American writing, Broyard was racked by his inability to write his own magnum opus. As a result, I started to view myself differently: as a woman with mixed-race ancestry. With reflections on the nature of the illness, his relations with the doctors, the reactions of his friends, a couple of surveys of the literature of illness, and a fictionalised account of the death of his father from cancer, this slim book just Pages impressed me more than most of the massive biographies, overlong novels, and extended academic exercises, I come across.

Shortly before he died, Broyard wrote a statement that some people later took to represent his views. Broyard's wife and children did not know he had been born black, nor did his colleagues or friends.

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But most were entirely unaware, and that was as he preferred it.

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