An analysis of a scene in the novel blazing world by cavendish

An analysis of a scene in the novel blazing world by cavendish

Face, and Dee by Dr. God's essence must be infinite, according to the spirits, because the universe is finite and God must be greater than what God has created.

In order to stop the violence, the fish-men explode one army's boats, and make the leader of the country which the Empress was born in leader of the entire world in which the country lies. This answer the Empress liked much better then the former, and enquired further, What opinion they had of those Creatures that are called the motes of the Sun?

The perfecting of the humane nature by participation of the divine.

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This Relation confirmed the Empress in the opinion concerning the motion of the Earth, and the fixedness of the Sun, as the Bird-men had informed her; and then she asked the Worm-men, whether Minerals and Vegetables were generated by the same heat that is within the Bowels of the Earth? Others again said, This opinion could not stand with reason; for Fire being a destroyer of all things, the Sun-stone after this manner would burn up all the near adjoining Bodies: Besides, said they, Fire cannot subsist without fuel; and the Sunstone having nothing to feed on, would in a short time consume it self; wherefore they thought it more probable that the Sun was not actually hot, but onely by the reflection of its light; so that its heat was an effect of its light, both being immaterial.

But her subjects, who could hardly be perswaded to believe her mortal, tender'd her all the Veneration and Worship due to a Deity.

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The Blazing World